If you have purchased the best electric kettle to prepare coffee, tea and other beverages, then the next big thing you need to do is to maintain it properly to improve its longevity. Undeniably, electric kettle is the best companion for everyone. This Caffeine Solution can be used to prepare beverages, soups, boil water, etc. To make the appliance work properly, you need to take proper precautions while using it. By properly maintaining and cleaning the appliance will make the appliance work smoothly and without any hassle.

Few of the maintenance tips you need to embrace to improve the life of the Caffeine Solution electric kettle include:

Caffeine Solution

Clear the kettle on a regular basis: To keep the kettle in a proper shape, you need to clean the kettle every day after using it. Many users will wash this appliance under the running tap water, thus there are high chances of the appliance to get damaged. You need to remove the kettle from the socket and then clean the exterior of the kettle with the damp cloth. It is very difficult to clean the kettle interior. You need to let the appliance cool down so that it would be easy for you to clean it. You need to add vinegar into the kettle and leave the solution for 20 minutes. Later, you need to scrub the appliance.

Boil the water you need: You should not boil more amount of water in the kettle, since it results in damage of the appliance briskly. The heating element in the appliance has to work really hard to boil a huge amount of water. This eventually takes a toll on the life of the appliance.

Do not store water in the kettle: When you are not using the appliance, you need to pour the water out. When you store the water in the kettle, the lime scales up inside the kettle and ruins the appliance. To increase the appliance durability, you need to remove water from it.

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