When your jewellery takes care of your look, its important that you give them ocassional cleaning. Weaing them regualraly often make it look dull and tarnished over time. So its always advised to get your gold butterfly necklace clean from time to time to maintain its sparkling self.

1. Inspect your jewelry: butterfly necklaces go with any kind of outfit. You often use with your daily attire. It important to clean it once in 4-6 months. this will help in restoring its original glow. Its not mandate that you have to clean it within mentioned time line. If you find your necklace getting tarnished easily. then its best to get it done right away.

2. Get it washed: This is the most simplest step and the most effective one. Just dip your jewelry in warm water and scrub it with some liquid soap. Don’t use harm chemicals. it can harm the color of the jewelry. It often advised to go for castlie soap and mild shampoo for cleaning delicate jewelry. After washing it off, use a cotton cloth to pat dry.

3. Use Dips available in market: You can always find dips available for your gold and silver jewelry in market. They are the best when it comes to take off the tarnish your from your jewelry. You will find instructions in the container, just follow it. Just keep it dipped in for sometime and your jewelry will be sparkling clean.

4. Don’t use DIYs: for gold butterfly necklace, it advised not to use household hacks like cleaning up with toothpaste or baking soda. As every time you do so, little pieces of metals are lost.

5. Store it in dry place: storing in humid areas can make your jewelry look dull quick. Try to keep it in dry places.

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