When you are planning to move things from one place to another using the jasa pengiriman barang there would be a lot of problems if you don’t hire movers and packers. Hiring movers and packers can be extremely beneficial however, it is important to follow certain things while you ask them to pack the goods. In this article we have written extensively written about how to pack the goods before moving them.

Separate the materials

The first and the foremost thing to do are to segregate the things accordingly when you are using the jasa pengiriman barang. You should never include heavy materials with fragile ones because when they are being moved, the chances of them getting damaged would be higher.

Use bubble wrap for fragile material

When you have fragile material you must make sure to pack them using the bubble wrap because these papers would give extra cushion effect and keep the items safe during the transport.

Get good quality carton boxes

When you are transporting the items you must make sure to use carton boxes that are of high quality else, all the items would fall apart and this can become difficult during moving process.  This is another important thing that you must definitely keep in mind while moving the goods.

Use extra packing material if need be

There are some items which might have to be transported safely and these items are to be packed with extra materials else, it can become extremely tedious during the jasa pengiriman barang.

Ask the driver to transport carefully

When they are moving the items it is mandatory to be driven safely and slowly else, the items might collide and end up getting damaged. Hence, transporting them carefully also becomes very crucial.

These are some of the things that you must certainly do when you are getting things packed.  

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