Summoners War R5 team building is an important issue in the gameplay. Summoning is the most frustrating and disliking thing in this game that makes this game boring. Summoners war can be made interesting, but you should understand the aspects you need to follow for this purpose. Most people fail because they go on trying themselves. It is better to make reference to some useful R5 team building guide. By referring to the guide, you may be at least clear what actually you need to do to bring winning situation in the game. It won’t be too difficult for you to achieve Rift Raid (R5) level with the help of a guide. 

Summoners War R5 team options 

The best Summoner War guide provides the information on appropriate options. The different Summoners War R5 team building options are Resistance Leader Team, CRI Rate Leader Team, and Defense Leader Team. There are three more sub-options: Option 1 (No Lisa), Option 2 (No Mihyang), and Option 3 (No Lisa or Mihyang) in different team options. You have further options to choose Front Line and Back Line Monsters. Getting expertise in Summoners war won’t be tough when you make the right choice. 

A guide to Front- and Back-Line Monsters 

Take an instance of the selection. When you select Resistance Leader Team (Option1), you can use Dias or Tesarion (L), Colleen, Delphoi (Or Fedora), and Xiao Lin in Front Line and Hwa and Mihyang (or Kona) in Back Line. In Option 2, you can use Dias or Tesarion (L), Colleen, Lisa and Bella/Chasun in Front Line and Hwa and Xiao Lin in Back Line. In Option 3, you can use Dias or Tesarion (L), Colleen, Delphoi/Bella/Chasun and Xiao Lin in Front Line and Hwa and Kona in Back Line. Likewise, there are options for CRI Rate Leader Team, and Defense Leader Team.  A guide will provide complete reference to make the appropriate selection of Summoners War R5 team.  

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