Thailand is one of those countries whose economy has shown good signs of progress. Thailand was once a progressive country showing continuous progress for many decades, but 1997 Asian financial crisis put it in reverse gear. The highest annual growth rate of an average 12.4% from 1985 to 1996 once again set the pace of development of Thai economy. In a state of recession, the country’s economy is always gloomy and its job market also becomes sluggish because businesses lose their potential to spend on employment.


Ubon: A city to look for job in Thailand

Thailand Government’s substantial revenue comes from international tourism, and the country is also a good business destination for foreign nationals. Thailand is a land of opportunities that also offers affordable living and its major cities offer good job opportunities to indigenous and foreign people. UbonRatchathani, also referred to as Ubon in short, is one of the four major cities of Isan or popularly called big four of Isan, located 615 km away from the capital Bangkok. Ubon is known for both school education and higher education because of the presence of many schools and colleges in this area. Thus, teaching could be a prominent job in this area. Being a big city, there may be a chance to get many other types of jobs here in commercial segment. If you are trying to หางานอุบล would be a good place to look for. The transport system in this city is also good. The city is linked to other cities by different transport modes which is a good facility to commute for a job if you stay on some nearby location.



Apart from Hat Yai, Ubon is another good city in Thailand to search a job. Ubon has many job opportunities and has convenient access from other parts of Thailand. There is a good chance of finding a job in Ubon.

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