Any garage door professional at can suggest that garage door opener is a very important component of the unit. It is the largest moving part of a home and is operated by a motor so that if it stops moving suddenly, it can be quite an inconvenience. there can also be security issues attached to it because house break-ins and robberies are committed through many garages. Hence, their proper working is highly crucial for every homeowner.

Moreover, it has been observed by Columbus Garage Door Pros that a door opener runs for a few seconds and gets turned off but the door fails to move. The motor, in such a case, tries to lift the door but is unable to move it. In this type of situation, if the springs are working properly, and there is no stumbling block on the track, there can be a built-in lock that can be directly engaged. This type of problem can be quite common with older garage doors. Some other common problems are also discussed here.

  • The door opener does not respond – Sometimes, the motor unit can be powered on but the door opener may not respond to the remote control or the wall. This may be due to a fault in the logic control board. Unplugging the door opener and examining the panel wiring connections can help in resetting the logic board so that if there is an electrical disturbance, that can be addressed correctly. Here, it is important to ensure that the door is not locked. By standing close to the motor and operating the remote, one can see whether the motor unit is able to open the door.
  • A wall switch works but the remote do not – Many garage door repair in Columbus have mentioned this problem. If it is the case, an issue can be there with the remote batteries. If after changing them still, the problem persists, one can try moving in closer to staying within the range. Also, the motor antenna must hang downwards to receive the signal from the door opener. However, if everything else fails, reprograming the remote can be the best option.

Looking at all these scenarios, one can say that a garage door opener is a very crucial component of the unit and must be taken care of accordingly. 

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