Are you looking for the best equipment for your mission? You have come to the right place. This post covers all the different equipment and its operations. Based on its description, you will have a better perception about the different rescue hoists and make a well-informed decision. Breeze eastern corporation, a pioneer in historic rescues have a great reputation in the industry over 70 years. They make the product right for you with the determined specification and perfect platform.

Breeze eastern corporation

Let us see some of Breeze eastern corporation products for your mission

  • HS 29900– They are aircraft compatible for Helicopters, Boeing BV-107, CH-47, Airbus, Sikorsky and many more. Have a technical performance of loading at a weight about 272 kg with a cable length of 290 ft. HS 29900 requires 115 voltage power with 400 HZ electric current. They are certified by FAA, CAA, EASA and MAA for their authenticity and performance.
  • HS-10300– They are certified for Airbus helicopters and Boeing aircraft. HS-10300 are also best certified by several operational agencies for their best hydraulic pressure and speed of their systems. They are considered as highly reliable equipment and used in more than thousands of rescue operations. Perhaps the best hydraulic rescue hoist system serving as a leader in the industry for more than 30 years.
  • HS-20200– When comes to DC powered rescue hoist system, HS 20200 is unique and is highly in demand. Some of the major characteristics of this equipment are
  • They operate up and down with variable speed
  • It has a 5-way switch that can hover drift in the best way
  • It has a transposable control station with a unique pendant design

Bottom Line

Breeze eastern corporation, the world’s only dedicated helicopter hoist offers a multitude of products from which you can make the best choice.

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