Have you ever played Summoners War: Sky Arena? This game is not too old, but its figure of downloads is amazing; over 100 million which shows that this game might be interesting and rewarding. Most players play advance video games for rewards that offer more satisfying effect. You will choose Summoners war because it is very interesting or such a massive number of downloads of this game may appeal you. One of the reasons could be that you friend has recommended this game. The facility to play on Android and iOS platforms is obviously one of the reasons why most mobile players love this game.

Why and how to awaken Sigmarus?

When you play Summoners War, you find Sigmarus the Water Phoenix a great fusionable nuker with one great Area of Effect (AoE) skill. The players focus on monster fusions to acquire higher level or 5-star monster such as Sigmarus, and to awaken these monsters. How to awaken Sigmarus? Don’t estimate your time to awaken this monster! You don’t need to be scared as a newbie because amount of time doesn’t matter when you need to fuse a natural 5-star monster. It will be worth of energy you consume. The base Attack stats of Sigmarus the Water Phoenix are very high. A good idea could be to team him up with Chloe (Fire Epikion Priest). This phoenix will do huge amount of damage.

How to awaken Sigmarus for your skill test?

Summoners war sigmarus fusion will be a great deal, if you’re able to awake Sigmarus the water phoenix. You will need his leader skill to survive so a nearly-farmable team of choice could be the reviver team. You could also try a speed team once you get Verdehile. The choice is yours, but Sigmarus have to be awakened at any cost to perform well in the game. This is test of your skill in Summoners war.

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